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Sculpt Yoga Australia

Our Next Sculpt Yoga Teacher Training:

SATURDAY June 4, 2016

About Sculpt Yoga

"Sculpt yoga is a vigorous vinyasa style class practiced with weights.
sculpt Yoga tones as you flow"

Sculpt Yoga is a Vinyasa flow practiced with free weights. The class is set to energising music designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. You will gain strength and flexibility while burning fat and calories. The strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, biceps curls and triceps curls are incorporated into the Vinyasa flow to build lean muscle mass.

This is a great class to compliment other styles of yoga and improve your yoga practice. As you get similar results to personal training and gym work you can also eliminate your gym membership while gaining the therapeutic of your yoga practice. A Sculpt Yoga class is heated to 30 degrees with 40 percent humidity, allowing you to detox and gain flexibility. Sculpt yoga practitioners see amazing results fast and come back for more!

About SYA

Become a Sculpt Yoga Teacher

Our Next Teacher Training

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Become a sculpt yoga teacher

Sculpt Yoga is an exciting combination of Yoga, weight and cardio training.

We are proud to bring Sculpt Yoga to Australia and look forward to seeing the Sculpt community grow.

Our Next Sculpt Yoga Teacher Training:

SATURDAY June 4, 2016

Location: Bikram YOga Doncaster, Victoria | Time:  June 4 & June 5 | 8am-5pm

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It is the objective of the Sculpt Yoga teacher training that upon completion all participants will be competent in their ability to teach a Sculpt Yoga class in a safe and effective manner.  Participants will be provided with the necessary learning tools - a strong foundation in the key principles of teaching Sculpt Yoga, as well as the philosophy of yoga, and anatomy as it relates to yoga.


Upon completion of the teacher training, participants will have been guided through the key areas of learning necessary to begin their journey as effective teachers of Sculpt Yoga, and have an understanding of the main principles of hatha yoga in general.

About sculpt yoga australia

 "Melanie saw an opportunity to create, adapt and improve the fitness and yoga  industry by combining the ever evolving yoga styles and fitness exercises".

 "The results of visible conditioning were fast while still having the benefits of yoga".

Candice Hopkins & Melanie Shannos

Melanie Shannos is the founder and Director of Sculpt Yoga Australia and owner of Bikram Yoga Doncaster. Candace Hopkins is the co founder of Sculpt Yoga Australia and owner of Eye Candy Fitness Melbourne. With Melanie’s first hand experience from her overseas travels, Melanie saw an opportunity to create, adapt and improve the fitness and yoga industry by combining the ever evolving yoga styles and fitness exercises. As a Bikram yoga, Yin Yoga and Core plus Hot Pilates teacher, Melanie built her reputation specialising in strength and conditioning combined with the therapeutic benefits of your yoga practice. With continuous travels to Los Angeles on a weekly basis as an international Flight Attendant with Qantas Airways Melanie is able to attend many different yoga and fitness studios.

Core power is where she completed her Yoga Sculpt teacher training. Melanie brought this idea back to Australia and spoke with her cousin Candace about putting their own spin on the workout, creating the dynamic Sculpt Yoga Australia. Combing their skills and ideas they first launched at Lululemon Doncaster in 2014. 1 year later with the help of a Yoga Sculpt trainer from Los Angels they lead their own teacher training resulting in 13 graduates.


The cousins passion, determination and entrepreneurial flare has helped them to drive the fast growing business to where it is today.


Bring Sculpt Yoga into your studio

Sculpt Yoga is an exiting combination of Yoga, weight and cardio training.

This combination gives people the workout they want with the yoga they want.

Yoga studios that have put Sculpt Yoga on their schedule have quickly found that it can become one their most popular classes.

Established in Melbourne in 2014, the Sculpt Yoga flagship Bikram Yoga Doncaster studio was a success from the start, with Bikram Yoga Chadstone and Bikram Yoga Millpark following not long after. Continuing success of Sculpt Yoga has led to classes being at capacity with this form of yoga being the busiest class. Join the brand Sculpt Yoga Australia and watch your class numbers increase as happy students get fast and effective results.

Find a Sculpt yoga class near you

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga & Pilates

Bikram Yoga

123 Ayr Street Doncaster

(03) 9850 2221

680 Warrigal Road, Level 1 Chadstone

(03) 9530 9797

3/16 The Link, Mill Park

(03) 8418 1990




Head office is located:

123 Ayr Street Doncaster



(03) 9850 2221

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